Allergies or COVID? Doctor dissects the symptoms

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – In a season where the number of COVID-19 cases have started to rise and allergic reactions have triggered the sniffles, a doctor has clarified the difference between the two. Allergies can be confused with mild COVID-19 symptoms, even in those who have been vaccinated.

“If you don’t normally have allergy type symptoms and all of a sudden you do, that would prompt me to think about seeking care,” Dr. Joshua Kline told WANE 15. “Whereas, if you normally have allergies this time of year, you might taking something over the counter, and you don’t have a fever or body aches or upset stomach, I think it’s very reasonable to try your allergy treatment first.”

On Friday, Indiana’s state health commissioner, Dr. Kristina Box shared statistics of breakthrough cases, or cases of COVID-19 found in people who have been vaccinated. 2,700 breakthrough cases have been reported from the 2.9 million Hoosiers who have been vaccinated. 132 cases have required hospitalizations and 46 people have died from breakthrough cases.

Some breakthrough cases have not been reported as the people who have felt under the weather assumed it’s allergies or symptoms of a common cold.

“If this is something that’s new or different, or you do have any of those other symptoms, I would encourage you to seek care with your normal provider or one of our walk-in clinics,” Dr. Kline added.

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