Allen County SPCA holds animal calming night during fireworks

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The Fourth of July brings with it several nights of fireworks. Those fireworks can often frighten animals, leading to several dogs and cats running away from home. Friday night, the Allen County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) decided to do something about it.

At it’s shelter on Hanna Street, Allen County SPCA volunteers held what they called the “Calming Companion Fifth of July event.” The plan was for volunteers to come in and make toys and treats for the cats and dogs there to play with during the night to keep their minds off of the fireworks outside.

“Some people brought books to read to animals,” said Stacy Erickson-Pesestski, the person who originally came up with the idea. “Some people, I think, are going to bring instruments. I brought knitting. So, the dogs can knit with me. We’re just going to keep them occupied. I’ve got some playlists of calming dog music. So we’re just going to keep them busy.”

SPCA volunteers hope fireworks enthusiasts keep others in mind when launching their fireworks.

“It’s fun to come together with your community,” said SPCA Volunteer Coordinator Dani Wagner. “Look out for different projects like this, and really, if you could just be considerate of animals and veterans in the area that maybe don’t do well with fireworks and keep it to a minimum or at least keep it to when you’re legally allowed to do it. Not only I, but the animals in our care and, I’m sure in everyone’s homes would really appreciate it.”

Wagner said the plan is to open the event up to the public in the near future. She also said there was no event on the Fourth of July itself because most of the volunteers were at home taking care of their own animals.

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