Allen County SPCA dog adopted, euthanized in Tennessee, shelter explains

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The Allen County SPCA is clearing the air after one of their adopted dogs was euthanized at a Tennessee shelter.

Executive director of the SPCA, Jessica Henry, says 2-year-old Jax was a great dog, and a shelter favorite.  However, the family that adopted him surrendered him to PAWS of Rutherford County, in Tennessee.

“As is customary, that shelter contacted us because the microchip traced back to this organization, to let us know that one of our shelter dogs was at their shelter, and they gave us an opportunity to make arrangements to retrieve the dog, to bring him back her to Fort Wayne,” says Jessica.

Jessica says there were multiple attempts to contacts PAWS to make those arrangements.

“When the breakdowns of communication occurred, and we were not able to get our volunteers there in a timely enough fashion to get him back here to Fort Wayne, his time did run out at Rutherford County, and because he was not considered adoptable, they did humanely euthanize him.”

NewsChannel 15 reached out to PAWS, and they agreed there were a series of miscommunications.  As for why they euthanized Jax, PAWS says he was showing aggressive tendencies for the 9 days he was at the shelter. They say they don’t take these decisions lightly, and it’s not an easy decision, it’s thought out and not random.

“We don’t know that, we didn’t see him.  But sometimes that does happen if the animal was ill-treated in his adopted home, or if he wasn’t given the behavior modifications that he needed,” says Jessica.

Jessica is asking for an end of threats toward PAWS. She’s thankful for the support, but the SPCA doesn’t condone that type of behavior.

“If there’s going to be a legacy for Jax, it’s that we’re all going to work together in his memory to save even more animals,” explains Jessica.

As for the family that adopted Jax, the Allen County SPCA reached out to them, but did not receive a response.

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