Allen County sees increase in Meth busts

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The Fort Wayne Police Department’s Vice Narcotics division told WANE 15 News Allen County is seeing an increase in Meth activity in Allen County.

Captain Kevin Hunter of the Fort Wayne Police Department’s Narcotics Division said the reason meth is on the rise is that the sources are making it easier to get.

“The drug cartels from Mexico have started mass-producing crystal meth, and they’re just flooding the markets with it,” Hunter said.

According the police records, Fort Wayne is on pace to break its record for the most amount of meth the city has ever seized. The record was set last year when FWPD seized 2,984 grams of meth. So far this year, police have seized 1,810 grams of meth. If that pace keeps up, police will easily break that record.

Treatment options are limited for meth addicts.

” “There’s no medical-assisted treatment for methamphetamines like there are opiates,” Hunter said. “The only treatment for methamphetamine abuse is cognitive behavioral therapy.”

The city is taking steps to combat the problem.Hunter said the Fort Wayne Police Department has been working with Federal agencies like the FBI, the DEA, and the ATF to find a way to keep the drugs out of Fort Wayne.

Meanwhile, city leaders are working on treatment options for addicts. At a press conference Thursday morning, the mayor announced funding for 71 new beds for a treatment facility in partnership with the Lutheran Foundation.

“”Our jail is overcrowded, and that gives individuals that are incarcerated or community corrections or on probation the opportunity to get their lives back,” said Marcia Haaff, CEO of the Lutheran Foundation. “That’s the hope is getting them into a treatment program that can be effective for their needs and helping them build their life back again.”

Haaff said the Lutheran Foundation will be having a ribbon cutting ceremony at noon on Friday at the Choices Treatment Center in the 1600 block of Spy Run Avenue.

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