ALLEN COUNTY, Ind. (WANE) — The Allen County Public Library (ACPL) received an “unprecedented” number of responses from a survey the library conducted earlier this year.

The ACPL conducted the survey to gather feedback about the library’s services, programs and role in the community and utilize the feedback as part of the library’s 2023 “strategic plan.”

The survey received over 8,500 responses over a two-week period, according to the ACPL.

“We are so astounded by the response from our community,” said ACPL Executive Director Susan P. Baier. “We know Allen County cares deeply about its library system, but we just could not believe how many people took the time to share their thoughtful suggestions and experiences with us.”

The survey revealed that a vast majority of those frequent the ACPL primarily to borrow books, but the survey also revealed that at least 1,000 of the respondents go to the library to study, attend events, use computers or conduct research.

The full strategic plan will be released in early 2024 and provide the library’s initiatives, goals and metrics, according to the ACPL.