Allen County Public Library puts new collection policy on hold

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The Allen County Public Library Board of Trustees tabled approving new language in the library’s book collection policy for a month. 

Board members had a week to look over the changes before Thursday night’s meeting. The board decided it needed more time to read into the changes more and voted to table the measure. 

The new language is not intended to change the procedure, but rather clarify any ambiguous language. 

“The goal of the revisions to the collection development policy is to continue with the spirit of the policy as it’s always existed,” said Allen County Public Library Director Greta Southard. “To clarify and use language that seems to be in agreement by all.” 

Later in the meeting, the board responded to public comments on the spot, something it rarely does due to its meeting policy. 

“I think that was good because there was the opportunity to provide clarity,” said Southard. “There was opportunity to try and address any misconceptions. There was the opportunity for the board to address any misconceptions. There was the opportunity for the board to hear so that’s always a good thing.” 

While some left the meeting with their questions answered, Kim Fenoglio, one of the people who wrote the petition to the library concerning the book collection size and content, has not gotten her questions answered. She submitted those to the board last month. 

“Right now, we want to be patient,” Fenoglio said. “Allow the board some time to answer these questions. We know there were a lot of questions. We know that they were very tough and meaty…We know that it’s quite an arduous task the board has in front of them, but we are getting a little impatient. We remain patient until we’re not.” 

The board said it plans to get Fenoglio and her fellow petitioners those answers by the end of this month. 

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