FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Allen County Surveyor Jeff Sorg has tendered his resignation effective Sept. 16, according to Allen County Republican Chairman Steve Shine.

In a letter to Shine and the board of county commissioners, Sorg cited health issues as a reason for his resignation. Sorg had continuously missed attending county drainage board and plan commission meetings since the beginning of his second term in 2020.

Shine has scheduled a caucus for Saturday, July 30 at 9 a.m. where all of the roughly 200 county-wide precinct-men and precinct-women will vote on a new surveyor.

“I think this is a positive outcome,” Shine said. “Obviously Jeff was unable to serve in the manner he was expected to do so, and as a result, I think the office will run efficiently, and any issues that were caused by his inability to serve have now been rectified.”

FILE: Jeff Sorg

“I want to thank Jeff for his public service and his willingness to acknowledge he could no longer serve,” Shine continued.

Shine said anyone wanting to be a candidate for surveyor must notify him 72 hours prior to the July 30 caucus, which will be held at Allen County Republican headquarters in downtown Fort Wayne. There, the Republican precinct-members will gather and vote on a new surveyor.

Sorg had come under fire for attending zero drainage board meetings this year and only attending 7 of 22 meetings last year. He also only attended six out of 26 plan commission meetings since 2020. He’s a voting member of both boards.

He was also missing when paperwork needed to be signed off on cornerstones and plats, though, according to Allen County Commissioner Nelson Peters.

County surveyors in Indiana are the drainage technical authority, according to a list of surveyor functions issued by the County Surveyors Association of Indiana. County surveyors manage the “construction, reconstruction, vacation/removal and maintenance of all regulated drains and proposed regulated drains.”

They also perform field investigations of drains, conduct drainage studies and technical specifications for work performed on tile drains and open ditches, handle reconstruction petitions and oversee new drain construction.

Sorg being absent has caused delays in construction and projects, officials told WANE 15 last week.

Last week, county commissioners appointed hydrologist and engineer Mike Fruchey to oversee the day-to-day operations of the surveyor. There were 100 documents waiting to be signed by the surveyor, officials said.

Fruchey will fill in for Sorg indefinitely, but Shine said whoever wins the upcoming caucus will take office Sept. 16.