FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Changes are coming to the Allen County Fair next year and The Fairgrounds said the fair will be moved from July to June.

Farm experts say this will have an impact on 4-H events.

Fairground officials say they will have to re-write contracts, adjust schedules and change breeding schedules for animals to make sure they are ready for the earlier fair time.

For Lexy Turpchinoff, 4-H has been in her blood as long as she can remember.

“My grandpa showed pigs primarily and then my sister and I picked up on dairy beef cattle, dairy cattle and goats,” Turpchinoff said

Turpchinoff started showing for 4-H in 3rd grade and it was a big part of her childhood.

“I loved it. 4-H is the sole purpose of the career I’m going into. My love for animals grew because of that and my love for agriculture also grew because of 4-H,” Turpchinoff said.

With the recent announcement of the Allen County Fair moving from July to June next year, County Extension Director James Wolff says it will have an impact on the young people competing next year.

“Kind of affect a lot of different things, but there’s some impacts as far as getting away from the overlap of state fair dates our youth to compete in both state fair and county 4-H events, but then we have some different things we need to adjust to mostly on the livestock side as people need a lengthy period of time to when they are going to breed animals, to have animals at market weight and be aat a mature size for our events,” Wolff said.

The Allen County Fairgrounds released a statement saying in part, “While we know this decision will not affect each family in the same capacity, we do collectively feel that this is the best path forward.”

It’s a sentiment that Turpchinoff can relate to.

“Especially the families that breed their own animals trying to figure out how to breed everything so they have the animal that is going to be at the correct weight and also just with school being out and having a shorter amount of time to get projects in the exhibit halls and getting their animals completely prepared for fair,” Turpchinoff said.

Turpchinoff looks fondly on her time in 4-H and it may take a little more planning for kids next year, but if you ask her she would probably say it is worth the effort to compete.

“I’ve won a few blues,” Turpchinoff said.

Next year’s fair will run from June 20th-25th.

In 2024, it will run from June 18th-23rd.

In 2025, it will run from June 17th-22nd.

In 2026, it will run from June 23rd-28th.

In 2027, it will run from June 22nd-27th.