FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – The Allen County Democratic and Republican parties elected leadership positions at their respective reorganization caucuses Saturday morning while respecting COVID-19 safety regulations.

The Allen County Democrats modified their voting for Reorganization to maintain the regulations in accordance with the IN Democratic Party’s Rules.

On Saturday, PCs entered the parking lot at ACDP headquarters, checked in with the Voter Registration team, and received a ballot. They were able to submit their ballots in the box without having to leave their cars.

An hour in, ACDP Chairwoman Misty Meehan, was pleased with the turn-out, “So far we’ve had 35-40 people come through. I’m sure in the next hour the rest of the folks will come through. I’m confident we’ll have quorum and I’m confident that we’ll get this finished today.”

The Allen County Republican Party met in a spaced-out setting.

The Allen County Republicans met at the Grand Wayne Center in a spread-out ball-room to move forward with their voting process.

Chairman Steve Shine of the Allen County Republican Party was eager for this year’s gathering and for his 29th year as chairman, “I’m as excited today as I was 28 years ago today, a lot of good things that the Republican party has to look forward to. Reclaiming the majority and both houses of Congress in 2022.”

Along with Steve Shine, Lana Keesling was elected to the Vice-Chair role, Sofia Rosales-Scatena as Secretery, and Dr. Robert Lee as Treasurer.

The Allen County Democrats elected Derek Camp as their party chairman, Sheila Curry Campbell as the Vice Chair, Mary Clare Akers for Secretary, and Michael Fuller for Treasurer.