ALLEN COUNTY, Ind. (WANE) – The good news in Allen County is that drunk driving cases are down.

The bad news is the county’s fees from the Alcohol Countermeasures Program, or ACP, have also decreased.

Superior Court Judge Fran Gull said transportation services like Uber and Lyft have helped drunk drivers avoid the temptation of getting behind the wheel on top of nationwide awareness through anti-drunk driving campaigns.

These ACP funds are used to fund the county’s problem-solving courts like Drug Court and Restoration Court, among others.

Last year, disbursements were about $950,000, but income was more than $100,000 down. It’s been that way for at least a decade, Gull and Clerk of the Courts John McGauley told the Allen County Council Thursday morning.

The council voted to appropriate nearly $600,000 from the county’s general fund to pay for four ACP case managers, 3 drug court case managers and part time security for the criminal division services.

Gull said the program pays for those who have no resources.

“We cannot fund the program on the backs of poor people,” said Gull, who added that her department aggressively seeks grant funding and got $100,000 for pre-trial services.