Allen Co. Election Board to make new security measures official

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The Allen County Election Board will vote Wednesday on a resolution to bring new security measures into compliance with a new state law. 

Legislators passed a measure that requires county election offices to take additional security measures to protect voting machines. 

Allen County Director of Elections Beth Dlug said her office implemented new security about a year ago. It includes access badges and cameras that oversee areas where electronic voting machines and electronic polling pads are stored between Election Day.

The new state law is in response to increased security threats that surrounded the 2016 Presidential Election.

“They [lawmakers] want to make sure that all of the counties in Indiana have a good grasp of the security,” Dlug told NewsChannel 15. She said the security is all about accountability and knowing who has access to voting machines to prevent any tampering. 

“It goes hand-in-hand with some cybersecurity elements,” Dlug said.

The security means limited access to the equipment. But it also allows the ACEB to see who has had access to buildings where the voting equipment is stored. Dlug said the access logs are checked every few weeks. 

The new security measures do not affect voters on Election Day. The effort is purely for physical security of the equipment. 

The ACEB does have the ability to change the resolution before its voted on Wednesday but it’s unclear if any of the members are looking to make changes. 

Dlug noted that the ACEB has never had an issue with security or tampering of voting machines. 

Dlug said the enhanced security requires no extra staffing and that it “runs itself.” The only work for the office is for someone to check the access logs. 

Also Wednesday, Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson will testify before Congress on election security efforts in Indiana. Lawson is scheduled to testify by the Senate Committee on Rules and Administration. She’s expected to talk about preparations made throughout the state to safeguard against attacks on the voting process. 

The Allen County Election Board meeting is scheduled for 2 p.m. at the Rousseau Building, Suite 172. 

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