FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A new school year and possibly the start of a new era, too. Artificial intelligence now plays a big part in how students learn and how teachers teach.

Officials with Purdue Fort Wayne weigh in about their usage at the University. The Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching or CELT say there is constant learning because AI changes every few months.

PFW has a CELT teaching certificate that allows instructors of the University to navigate teaching through the AI powered age. Through this instructors can discover features of AI powered tools and enhance activity and course design to support student learning. They can also dive into the legal and ethical aspects of AI in education. When it comes to plagiarism, the University’s AI program can catch things fairly quick but their objective of AI has more meaning.

“Facility have conversations with students about the appropriate ways the inappropriate ways to use AI in their classrooms,” said Adam Dircksen, director of the Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching.

Below is a form showing the Teaching Certificates that faculty can earn this school year.

WANE 15 also spoke with officials with Fort Wayne Community Schools about their usage of AI. There’s is similar to Purdue Fort Wayne, but FWCS wants to focus on the relationships that AI can help build between students and teachers.

“Our students need to be critical thinkers with writing and literacy so they won’t have to turn to things like chat GPT or other items like that but they will have the confidence to write and be able to perform in the classroom as the teacher wants,” said Scott Murrary, Communications Manager FWCS

Teachers at FWCS use their AI programs to identify certain students writing abilities as well.