Addison Agen, hundreds more show for Olivia Stoy benefit concert

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Olivia Stoy is a fourteen-year-old girl who is battling lymphoblastic lymphoma. Wednesday she got a bone marrow transplant from her brother. She is now recovering in Indianapolis.

“It has just been an awesome blessing that it was internal,” Tom Stoy, Olivia’s father said. “It made the process a little bit easier. It should make her recovery a little bit better so it’s just been a real blessing that he was that match.”

Meanwhile, in Hamilton, Indiana, people continued to support her. A benefit concert went on at Hog Hill. All the proceeds went  to Olivia. Ticket and merchandise sales went to her fundraiser, which now, is looking at funding other kids’ medical expenses in addition to Olivia’s.

Hundreds of people came to the concert, paritally because The Voice Runner-Up Addison Agen performed, but also to support Olivia.

Olivia’s family was thrilled.

“I knew I was excited so I called Olivia myself,” Alecia Pfeffertorn, Olivia Stoy’s aunt. “I skipped my sister and called Olivia and said ‘guess who’s going to be at the concert for you.'”

Addison Agen wanted to meet the Stoy family, but wasn’t able to until Friday night. She told Olivia’s father how much of a blessing she felt it was to be invited to the concert and sent a video message back to Olivia in Indianapolis. She wanted her to know how inspiring she and her family have been.

“I admire them,” Addison said. “They inspire me to keep going with whatever my dreams are and that life is so so precious, and music can help so many people.”

Tom Stoy said Olivia will be staying in the hospital for the next 30 to 50 days to give the cells in the new bone marrow a  chance to grow.

He also wanted the whole community to be proud of what they pulled together as the city of Hamilton put on the event.

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