ADAMS COUNTY, Ind. (WANE) — The Adams County Economic Development Corporation (EDC) is seeking community input as the group looks to add to housing and economic development in the area.

On March 22, the group hosted a Housing Symposium that shared potential results in the housing market based on a “recently completed analysis.”

According to the EDC, the analysis showed that nearly 1,600 households of various incomes are looking to move to Adams County each year, and the county can expect to take in up to 1,025 new housing units over the next five years through appropriate housing development.

The Housing Symposium is part of a “Housing Strategy” that is overseen by the EDC and the Housing Resource Hub, a nonprofit that aims to “help communities accomplish their housing dreams through dynamic and exciting homebuyer and housing development programs.”

“We’re very proud to be working with the Housing Resource Hub to implement this workforce housing initiative for Adams County,” said Colton Bickel, executive director of the EDC.

Following the Housing Symposium, the EDC now wants input and support from Adams County residents and businesses.

Anyone who wants to comment on the housing development plan can do so through an online survey.