A higher plane of life? Headlines tell story of Prohibition 100 years ago

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Today, more than 200 businesses in Allen County rely on alcohol sales for at least a part of their income. That could not be the case 100 years ago, as Prohibition started its 14 year run on January 17, 1920.

A search through the Allen County Public Library archives found how Fort Wayne newspapers covered the constitutional band on alcohol. Headlines warned of the upcoming start of Prohibition, suggested that life may be better for all people once it began, stated police were ready to work and, in one case, told the story of two men busted with 80 gallons of whiskey.

Prohibition Coverage: The Journal Gazette

Prohibition Coverage: The News and Sentinel

According to the state Alcohol & Tobacco Commission, there are 212 businesses in Allen County that sell alcohol. That number is broken down below.

One-Way permits: 10

Two-Way permits: 105

Three-Way permits: 40

Package liquor store: 44

Small Breweries: 10

Farm Wineries: 2

Artisan Distilleries: 1

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