FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A Fort Wayne ministry is connecting with the area Burmese community through a film that premiered this weekend.

“A Greater Love” focuses on the intricacies of marriage- and the problems that come with it- through the eyes of a young Burmese couple. The filmmakers hope Burmese couples who come to the United States can watch the film and benefit from the message.

Southwest Lutheran Church hosted the viewing Saturday along with the Lutheran Agency for Missions to Burmese (LAMB), NATAS LGL Emmy Award-winning filmmaker George A. Johnson, and local director Hannah Johnson.

Reverend James Keller and his team at LAMB played a significant role in the making of the movie– which was filmed locally in Fort Wayne.

Church vicar Soe Moe has a lead role in the motion picture, which was filmed in both Sgaw Karen and Burmese languages. The youth ministry leader portrays the husband, Ko.

Soe is a member of the local Pwo Karen Burmese community. After his parents fled from Burma, Soe was born in a refugee camp in Thailand. After growing up in the camp for the first 11 years of his life, Soe and his family were able to relocate safely to Pennsylvania with the help of the United Nations before finally settling in the Fort Wayne area through the assistance of Catholic Charities.

Soe share his real-life experiences as a member of the Burmese community in Fort Wayne during his portrayal of Ko.

“They’re really stressed out with work, because a lot of those men that you know, they have to put food on the table,” said Soe as he summarized the film. “So that means, if they don’t speak English, they have to work at the factory. That really, you know, adds up and they get exhausted and they don’t know how to connect with their wife or their kid. But with this film, we’re hoping that you know, they’re watching this and hopefully they can follow along.”