A smell that filled Downtown Fort Wayne for decades, and provided hundreds of jobs over the years in the Summit City is no more. Aunt Millie’s officials told NewsChannel 15 Thursday was the last day of baking bread at the Pearl Street bakery.

In November, the company announced the bakery would close, affecting 91 jobs. In a statement,  Aunt Millie’s says the bakery will remain open for clean-up and maintenance, and close completely on April 12.

The statement said: 

“The last day of operation for Aunt Millie’s Fort Wayne Bakery will be April 12, 2018.

The company is appreciative to its hard-working employees for their many years of service.  Some employees have been able to transfer to other company locations, and most have been offered jobs locally.  We would like to extend our thanks to the great Fort Wayne companies who reached out and hired them.

Aunt Millie’s will continue to operate its headquarters in Fort Wayne, with 120 employees here. Our local sales branch will continue to service Fort Wayne and the greater Northeast Indiana area. We also operate two thrift stores in Fort Wayne – one located off Hillegas Rd., and one in Quimby Village.

Aunt Millie’s fresh-baked bread and bakery products are available at all area grocery stores, and throughout the Midwest. We operate six other bakeries in the Midwest that will continue baking.”

In November, officials said the closure was a business decision. They said they are running seven bakeries, but after the closure of some grocery stores, they only had the capability of running six.