We did a dog DNA test, and Oliver’s results are in

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A few weeks back, WANE 15 asked if dog DNA testing really works.

For research, we had Digital Executive Producer Aaron Organ and his wife, Abby, test their 3-year-old dog Oliver with a home DNA kit. Afterward, they mailed off the test.

Well, the results are in. So what is Oliver? Aaron and Abby took guesses before they opened the results.

“I think he’s some kind of border collie retriever mix,” Abby said.

“He’s definitely has some lab and shepherd in him,” Aaron said.

The test showed Oliver is…

  • 25% Siberian Husky
  • 12.5% Bulldog (Standard)
  • 12.5% German Shepherd Dog
  • 12.5% Golden Retriever
  • 12.5% Great Pyrenees
  • 25% Breed Group (s)

“I’m surprised by the results. I would not have thought Siberian Husky,” Abby said. “But I’m not surprised that there is shepherd and retriever.”

The Organs’ have the answers they were looking for, and recommend others curious about their dogs breed to take the test.

“Why not?” Abby said.

“I would,” Aaron said. “For what, 70 bucks, we now have answers.”

“And it was really easy,” Abby said.

To learn more about dog DNA testing, click here.

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