8 months after Frost Illustrated closes, Fort Wayne Ink Spot opens

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Last year, the Frost Illustrated newspaper stopped printing and now the Fort Wayne Ink Spot has taken its place as the new African-American Newspaper.

Fort Wayne Ink Spot has already published 7 issues, and the plan for the summer is to publish more in depth focused topics.

The paper got it’s name from publisher John Dortch who said, “It’s a spot, a segment, group that we’re touching on, so Fort Wayne Ink Spot, because we are all a part of Fort Wayne.”

This summer, look out for an all music issue, an all food issue, an all health issue,  and one that is more special to the Managing Editor of the paper.
“I am a college graduate, but my parents were not, but they were two of the smartest people I know, but they didn’t go to college, and I happened to do that, so college is very important to me, so we’re going to have an all education issue.” William Bryant Rozier said.

The recent issues have focused on wellness, finance, education, employment, and entrepreneurship, and some that have a more personal twist.

“I have a section that is called ‘Got Words’ that is all about language, I just interviewed somebody who is from Jamaica but both of her parents are deaf.” Rozier said.

This paper comes out every other week, and costs 50 dollars to subscribe for the year.

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