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Someone is stealing campaign signs. County Council District Three Primary Candidate Frank Talarico said someone stole 75 of his signs overnight Thursday.

The unauthorized removal of campaign signs happens every election cycle. This time, Talarico, and even one of his opponents, are concerned with how many were taken.

Talarico is running to be the republican candidate Allen County Council District Three. The primary is nearly a week away. He put 125 signs in the areas around Lima between Coliseum and Dupont, and on Washington Center Road.

They were there Thursday night he said, but by morning they were gone.

“It’s an age old election cycle problem,” Allen County Republican Party Chair Steve Shine said. “It doesn’t make it any less egregious.”

“It’s politics, people take things, but I can’t think of anything more un-American and criminal than messing with the election process,” Talarico said.

When Talarico noticed they were gone he first checked with the city, county and state to see if they had removed them. They hadn’t.

Shine does not believe Talarico’s opponents were involved.

“Many times it’s just people out for a joy ride,” Shine said.

When asked if he thought his opponents had anything to do with it, Talarico said “that’s not for me to say.”

“Last election cycle I lost a number of signs,” Allen County District Three Councilman Joel Benz said. “I totally understand his frustration.”

NewsChannel 15 reached out to Talarico’s opponents in the primary race– incumbent Joel Benz and Dave Augenstein.

Augenstein did not immediately return a request for a comment. Benz said he hopes none of his supporters are behind this.

“Mr. Talarico is a gentleman, and I respect him,” Benz said. “I don’t think it deserves to happen to anybody.”

Benz was out of town when the news broke of the missing signs, so he does not know if any of his signs are unaccounted for.

Talarico did file a police report, and businesses along the roads where the signs went missing are checking surveillance video to see if anyone was spotted committing the crime.

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