4-H family has deep rooted tradition at the Allen County Fair

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The Allen County Fair is in full swing, including 4-H shows. For the Dunten family, 4-H season is everything, planning goes all the way back to 6 months ago.

Competing at 4-H shows started nearly 60 years ago for the Dunten’s, and reached generation, after generation, after generation.

Betty Dunten and her family have always found acceptance within the 4-H community. Three of Betty’s children are deaf, and competed when they were kids.

Her great-grandson was in the dairy show ring today; he has a cochlear implant.

Every year the whole family has a front seat view, including a sign language interpreter for the family, provided by the 4-H Club, through the Purdue extension.     

The extension provides a link between Indiana residents and agriculture. Locally, they focus on Allen County’s youth development in 4-H.

“This is something rather new with the extension. Before, I think the parents just kind of to the deaf kids.  But it’s really great now that the Extension office furnishes an interpreter wherever the deaf kids are involved in a project. So, that’s been a big help,” says Betty.

Betty says the fair is in her blood, and loves how 4-H brings different farmers together under one roof, and of course brings her family together, too.

To learn more about the Purdue Extension club in Allen County, and its 4-H program, click here.

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