2-year-old signs letter of intent, gets lifelong friendships

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It’s signing season. One boy signed his letter of intent a little earlier than expected. Well, technically his dad signed the letter.

Two-year-old Teddy Nix signed on with the Huntington University Baseball Team. Of course, it isn’t to play for the team right now.

Teddy Nix isn’t quite ready to pick up a metal bat or start throwing curve balls. He’s more of a pro at playing in the dirt.

Teddy’s family calls him a fighter, and that’s exactly what they needed when it was discovered Teddy had tumors behind his eyes at just nine months old. He was diagnosed with cancer– retinoblastoma.

“The treatment included ten chemotherapy treatments and one radiation,” Teddy’s dad, Tyler Nix, said.

“It’s your little baby,” Teddy’s mom, Stephanie Lineback, said. “It’s something you’ve created. To know that something evil is inside of him is really hard.”

Teddy is now cancer free, and the Nix family is looking to a bright future with the help of the Huntington Baseball Team.

“It kind of spurs you to action. What can I do,” Huntington University Baseball Coach Michael Frame said.

The Friends of Jaclyn Foundation helps children who are fighting cancer by connecting them with a local sports team. Yes, through the years Teddy may learn a thing or two about the sport.

But the goal is bigger than that. It’s to forge a lifelong relationship.

“There will be new guys coming in next year, and seniors leaving,but it’s an ongoing thing,” Frame said. “We want to be involved in his life.”

“It’s a new experience,” player Donovan Clark said. “It’s a new experience for everyone. But I’m excited and his family is excited.”

Tyler Nix played played baseball, but both of Teddy’s parents are looking for something special with this team.

“It’s nice to have a family, friends and a big group of baseball players to kind of rely on through hard times,” Lineback said.

To learn more about Friends of Jaclyn Foundation click here.

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