FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – After a woman riding a bike across Wallen Road on the Pufferbelly Trail crossing collided with a vehicle going west on Wallen on Wednesday night, 15 Finds Out wanted to see how often trail users and drivers actually follow the crossing rules.

15 Finds Out was at the crossing on Wallen for about an hour Thursday afternoon and saw some people do the right thing, and several not.

Drivers might think they’re being polite, but they are NOT supposed to stop at the crossing. Several vehicles stopped and waved us to cross the street, but we waved back to them to keep going.

A bicyclist thanks a car for stopping for him to cross the street on the Pufferbelly Trail. Vehicles should not stop to let people on the trail cross.

A bicyclist waiting to cross the street stopped on the trail waiting for traffic to clear, but a car stopped to let him cross.

15 Finds Out did see some walkers cross correctly. They stopped at the crossing and even waved a car to keep going and not stop for them. Once there weren’t any oncoming cars, they crossed safely.

Walkers wave an oncoming car on to not stop for the trail crossing.