FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A handful of settlements have been made in lawsuits against a doctor who was accused of medical malpractice at the VA Northern Indiana Health Care System. A lawyer representing several of the cases updated WANE 15 two years after the initial 15 Finds Out investigation.

What began as a class-action complaint against Dr. Bradley Hammersley by 13 veterans eventually turned into separate lawsuits. The malpractice accusations focused on podiatric procedures between 2009 and 2016.

According to Attorney David Farnbauch, his law firm – Sweeney Law Firm has handled about 30 of the 50 malpractice cases. The law firm has seen the start of settlements being reached and mediation conversations happening.

“The government has stepped forward in a lot of these cases and has taken responsibility, and is actively trying to compensate these veterans for what happened so I guess my perspective at this point is we’re moving in the right direction, trying to do something for these courageous veterans who have served their country and didn’t receive optimal medical care,” Farnbauch told WANE 15.

Representative Jim Banks was also involved in the situation. He asked the VA’s inspector general to review all 415 of Hammersley’s cases. According to Farnbauch, 127 of the procedures were found to not meet the standard of care.