HUNTINGTON, Ind. (WANE) – For seniors at Huntington North High School, they are given the VIP treatment.  

Each senior has the opportunity to pay $20 to claim a parking spot that is their own through the duration of the school year. The students then customize their spot with many different unique designs. Friends can even collaborate to have spots located next to each other.  

The money raised goes to many different school activities. This includes homecoming events, the winter dance, and other student body events throughout the school year.

It is a fun tradition that involves the friends and family of each senior. It really brings everyone together prior to the start of the new school year.

Maddax Huftel elected to go with a tie dye design in her spot. “I did tie dye just because I like a lot of bright colors and tie dye you can kind of mess up in a way too and it’s better for myself just because I’m a perfectionist, so I was trying to step out of my comfort zone.”

Grace Sell painted the house from the Disney movie Up in her spot. It says ‘Adventure is out there’ on the top and she feels it represents her well. Sell also says the parking lot painting tradition is very special. “To me the most special part about this tradition is that I can have my family and friends come out…I know my mom’s come out and helped me a lot when I haven’t been able to be here, and just getting to work with all my friends on the spot makes it even more special.”

Haley Newton is working on painting some fun colors she felt would go well together, along with her graduating year of 2022. Newton says the tradition is “so much fun because there’s a lot of times we’ll come out here in the evening and there’s all sorts of seniors out here painting their parking spots, other people helping them, their friends helping them paint, and so we’re all just coming together and having fun with it.”

If you are a Huntington North High School student or parent, visit their website for all the latest information, including a school calendar of upcoming events.