FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Purdue University Fort Wayne will not be getting the millions of dollars it wanted to help expand its student housing on the main campus.

The university was denied the $3 million it requested in Legacy Fund money for the additional 300-350 beds.

The decision was made by the Legacy Joint Funding committee which was established in 2014. The mayor and the city council appointed 8 of the 9 members of the committee.

Committee Chair Ron Turpin says the decision was based on 5 points of criteria. The committee rated the request as a 2.1 out of 5, so the university’s request was denied.

The committee gives out loans and grants based on factors like whether a project is transformational and how sustainable it is.

He says the denial does not mean they don’t support the project overall.

“It’s not question the need for it. It’s not questioning whether it’s a good plan or not. It’s just saying that the committee members felt that that was not an appropriate use of legacy dollars based on the criteria that have been established by the council and the mayor,” Turpin said.

Officials with the university left quickly after the final decision was announced and the chancellor declined to comment.