FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Emotions are high for parents everywhere after hearing the news about the most recent school shooting in Uvalde, Texas on Tuesday leaving 19 children and two teachers killed.

Shanda Kirby took her kids to Hamilton Park to have a good time on Wednesday, but in the back of her mind, she does worry about her children’s safety after Tuesday’s school shooting.

“I don’t ever want to think that sending my kids to school could be the last time I potentially see them. You send them to school to be in a safe environment,” Kirby said.

It’s become an issue that is scary to many parents.

“When you drop your kids off you’re assuming they are in the safest environment like you’re trusting these teachers and facilities to take care of the children so you really don’t think about that as much as you should. But, with these things happening more and more often it’s hard not to think about.

As a father, Barry Magers says it’s frustrating because it doesn’t seem like anything is being done to prevent these tragedies.

“Nothing is changing. I mean they try to do as much as they can without invading those personal rights as well just like searching every single kid or anything like that so it’s kind of a hard thing to deal with on the faculty side. So, it is pretty scary as a parent and a student I’m sure,” Magers said.

The fear of this happening at schools is not something that is lost on Kirby’s kids, Mia Garrett and Justice Garrett.

“It makes me feel sad,” Mia Garrett said.

Justice Garrett echoes the same sentiment about the tragedy.

“Pretty sad actually,” Justice Garrett said.

Kirby says she feels for the parents who are dealing with the unimaginable pain they are going through who lost their children in a senseless school shooting.

“I probably would not want to be here anymore as a parent. A parent of four to know that my children would be gone after sending them to school,” Kirby said.