Truckers participate in “slow roll” protest taking laps on I-465


Truck drivers joined together on I-465 Thrusday moning in a “slow roll” protest of electronic logging regulations. 

According to CBS 4 in Indianapolis, 78 truck drivers participated in the protest, driving single-file 10mph under the speed limit. They conducted two laps around I-465 starting at 11:00 a.m. 

Though participation was lower than expected, they still wanted to raise awareness to the regulations drivers say are hurting their business. These regulations require electronic logging devices which were put into place after a mandate in December 2017. 

The mandate targets false paper logs and drivers fudging the numbers of hours spent on the road.

Now, to adhere to the regulations, drivers sometimes call it a night at places they’re not supposed to be or cutting hours short to call dibs at truck stops.

“If you wrote in there five minutes later than your time, no harm no foul right? Because traffic slowed down a little bit or something,”You can’t do that now.” explained Mike Landis, CEO of the United States Transportation Alliance, to CBS 4.

Indiana State Police was made aware of the protest in advance and monitored the situation. They said there were no issues throughout the event

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