Trooper doesn’t let COVID-19 keep him from playing the Easter Bunny


Photo provided by Indiana State Police.

Every year for the past seven years Indiana State Police Pendleton District Trooper Scott Keegan has dressed up like the Easter Bunny for his local church celebration.  Usually Fall Creek Christian Church would hold its celebration for small children on the Saturday before Easter Sunday.  But this year, with the COVID-19 restrictions, Keegan figured his Easter Bunny “gig” was all but over.

However, Scott’s wife Amanda thought, “if the kids can’t go see the Easter Bunny, why can’t the Easter Bunny go see the kids?”  So she advertised the visits, complete with social distancing, on her Community Facebook Group and got 27 requests for an Easter Bunny visit from families around the Pendleton area.

After getting off work Sunday, Trooper Keegan traded his uniform for his bunny suit only to realize he couldn’t drive while wearing the head. So, Trooper Mark Hanna came to the rescue and picked up Keegan to deliver him to 27 different families. Practicing social distancing, the “Bunny” rolled up in an ISP car, got out and waved at children as they looked out the front of their homes.

Photo provided by Indiana State Police

Keegan said, “The bunny couldn’t leave any eggs this year, but at least kids got to see him outside their homes.” This isn’t the first time Trooper Keegan, a 15 year member of the Indiana State Police, has been in the news for serving the Pendleton Community.

Just last October Keegan saved a choking woman at a Pendleton restaurant by performing back blows and the Heimlich maneuver. Trooper Keegan is an example of the importance of troopers living and participating in the communities they serve, even if it means dressing up like a giant bunny!

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