INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana’s Republican governor has vetoed a bill banning transgender females from participating in girls school sports.

Opponents of the transgender sports bill argued it was a bigoted response to a problem that doesn’t exist.

Gov. Eric Holcomb’s also signed a bill Monday eliminating the state’s permit requirement to carry handguns in public. Both measures faced opposition before being approved by the GOP-dominated legislature that embraced what have become a pair of conservative causes nationwide.

Holcomb signaled support for the bill last month but said in his veto letter that the legislation “falls short” of providing a consistent statewide policy for what he called “fairness in K-12 sports.”

The ACLU of Indiana issued the following statement following Holcomb’s veto:

This victory belongs to the trans youth of Indiana, who deserve to live as their authentic selves and to play the sports they love, free from discrimination. This win wouldn’t have been possible without the thousands of Hoosiers who voiced their strong opposition to state legislators and who showed up at the Statehouse to oppose this harmful bill. Discrimination has no place in our state.

Katie Blair, ACLU of Indiana Advocacy and Public Policy Director