INDIANAPOLIS — “I keep a gun on me because I gotta protect myself. Sometimes I ain’t with my security.”

Comedian Mike Epps has responded publicly after being detained at the Indianapolis International Airport over the weekend due to a firearm in his luggage.

In a video released on his Instagram, Epps began by apologizing to fans about any negativity surrounding the incident.

“I had a long night. I had a show in my hometown,” said Epps. “I literally forgot that I had my pistol in my bag.”

“The Upshaws” star explained the firearm was for protection because he often carries money and wears jewelry.

“These dudes is out here robbing people,” Epps remarked. “I want to make it clear I ain’t out here doing nothing wrong.”

“I want to let you all know that I’m still on some positive vibes. I’m sorry that it happened.” Epps concluded, “All I can tell you is that the world is crazy. Stay strapped.”

Epps was briefly detained on Sunday when a .38 Special revolver was found in his backpack during an airport security screening. He was not arrested. Charges have not been filed.