INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana Governor Eric J. Holcomb announced the results of third-party testing on the toxic waste shipped into Indiana following the East Palestine, Ohio, train derailment.

“These results indicate that the material tested does not contain any harmful levels of dioxins when compared to acceptable levels established by the EPA,” Holcomb said in a statement on Wednesday.

“Furthermore, these results demonstrate that the site operator is lawfully permitted to dispose of that material at its site,” he added.

Holcomb previously blasted the federal government’s decision to transport the toxic waste from “the far eastern side of Ohio to the far western side of Indiana.”

Last week, he ordered a third-party lab to test the hazardous material and paused the toxic waste shipments that had already been underway from Ohio. The pause came after three shipments of waste had already been delivered to a Heritage Environmental Services landfill in Putnam County.

The EPA and Heritage Environmental have been notified of these latest test results, according to the governor.

“We will have Pace Labs continue to test samples of any future loads that may arrive in Indiana from East Palestine to confirm that none of the material contains harmful levels of dioxins,” Holcomb said.