(WANE) – It’s National Dog Bite Prevention Week, and Indiana is ranked #9 in the U.S. for dog-related injury claims, according to 2022 data from State Farm.

There were 110 of those claims in Indiana in 2022, with $7.4 million paid to Hoosiers, State Farm said. Those numbers are up from 2021, when there were 100 claims and $5.4 million was paid.

The 2022 claims range from severe dog bites and attacks from an aggressive or fearful dog, to a happy dog accidently pulling or knocking an owner down stairs.

2022 State Farm dog bite claim numbers by the state:

2022 State Farm dog bite claim numbers by the state

1.         California                    400 claims                 $32.2 million

2.         Illinois                         255 claims                  $17.5 million

3.         Michigan                     175 claims                  $8.4 million

4.         Pennsylvania              160 claims                  $11.2 million

5.         Ohio                            160 claims                  $7.7 million

6.         Texas                          145 claims                  $10.0 million  

7.         New York                   140 claims                  $11.9 million                           

8.         Minnesota                  115 claims                   $8.4 million

9.         Indiana                        110 claims                   $7.4 million                           

10.       Georgia                       110 claims                   $6.7 million

In March, State Farm and the National Dog Bite Prevention Coalition conducted an Ask Suzy survey asking more than 1,330 participants about their experience with dogs. Here are the results:

  • 23% of participants said they have been injured by a scratch from a dog, while 19% said they have been injured by a bite.
  • 17% said their dog has either bitten them or another dog.
  • 11% filed an insurance claim because of a dog-related injury.
  • 6% have either sued or been sued because of a dog-related injury claim.

State Farm reminds owners that even well-trained dogs can bite if they are put in the wrong situation. Here are three tips to prevent the risk of dog bites and injuries:

  1. Provide the basics. Owners should be prepared to give dogs food, water, exercise, and shelter.
  2. Pay attention. Accidents happen when people aren’t paying attention or aware of their surroundings.
  3. Recognize changes in pet health. Not all illnesses and injuries are obvious, and dogs are more likely to bite if they are sick or in pain.

State Farm teamed up with the American Veterinary Medical Association, Insurance Information Institute, American Humane, and celebrity dog trainer Victoria Stilwell to provide these tips for dog owners.