(WANE) — As farmers get ready for another planting season, state officials warned Hoosiers to pay attention to slow-moving farm equipment on the road this spring.

Indiana State Police Superintendent Douglas Carter said Indiana sees a large increase in farm machinery on the roads during spring and warned that it is important Hoosiers know how to safely navigate around them.

“Patience, courtesy and understanding, along with the undivided attention of motorists and farmers, will help ensure a safe 2023 planting season,” Carter said.

Indiana Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch said all Hoosiers should pay attention on the road this spring no matter where they live.

“Whether you live in rural, urban or suburban Indiana, remain alert on the road this spring as you may encounter large farm equipment moving between fields,” Lt. Gov. Crouch said.

In addition to being patient, state officials urged residents to allow plenty of time to get to a destination and to avoid tailgating farm equipment on the road.