Sides debate Sunday alcohol sales

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Jeff Williams checks the stock in the beer cooler behind the counter in a Ricker’s convenience store in Sheridan, Ind., Wednesday, April 19, 2017. The location is one of two that one gas station owner discovered a loophole in the law that allows them to sell cold beer. The location has installed limited seating and […]

INDIANAPOLIS (WANE) Do you think Indiana needs alcohol sales on Sunday?

If state legislators decide so, one man on the state’s Alcohol Code Revision Commission says he’s got suggestions he believes will work. Statehouse reporter David Williams tracked him down Wednesday to get answers.

Since 1986, Bob Graves has worked at Alabama Liquors, legally selling spirits. He said the store, open since 1950, has “good business.”

Graves said Sunday alcohol sales aren’t quite necessary.

“People can buy liquor all week long, and they do,” Graves explained. “If they need to have it for Sunday, they can get it on Saturday. You don’t need to drink 7 days a week.”

Terry Bauer, who’s on the Alcohol Code Revision Commission, is suggesting lawmakers allow alcohol sales at grocery, convenience, pharmacies and liquor stores on Sundays from noon to 7 p.m.

“In my experience, 37 years of law enforcement, to use the word ‘shenaniganism or hooliganism’ – that’s the bewitching hour when a lot of people decide to engage in mischief,” said Bauer. “Also maybe cut down the chance for robberies at liquor stores.”

If lawmakers decide to allow legal Sunday sales, Bauer said he feels like his ideas would ‘raise the bar’. He said he is trying to level the playing field and give businesses a new way to make money, while at the same time, achieve favorable public opinion.

Bauer explained: “I’m not saying it’s the end all solution to it. If there’s going to be a change, let’s make sure the change is constructive, it’s enforceable.”

We asked Graves how he feels about the ideas…

“If I could see it made a difference, fine,” Graves explained. “Big stores are already open on Sundays for selling food.”

The Commission’s next meeting is scheduled for November 14.

To read Bauer’s suggestions in detail, click here.

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