Rokita releases ‘Parents Bill of Rights’ of legal rights parents have to voice in children’s education


INDIANAPOLIS (WANE) – On Wednesday, Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita released a “Parents Bill of Rights” which provides a roadmap for Hoosier parents and caregivers to exercise their legal right to have a voice in their children’s education.

“Education policy and curriculum should reflect the values of Indiana families while meeting the mandatory requirements set forth in law,” Rokita said. “The single most effective way to ensure school accountability is for parents to engage in their children’s education. The Parents Bill of Rights empowers them to do just that.”

Rokita said that since January, parents and state legislators have turned to him for legal interpretations of educational rules and statutory requirements. The Indiana Attorney General’s Office created the “Parents Bill of Rights” to serve as a resource for parents to engage in meaningful civic dialogue that will ultimately benefit Indiana schools, parents and students.

The Parents Bill of Rights outlines the following rights that Hoosier parents and caregivers are entitled to exercise:

  • To question and address your child’s school officials and school board members at publicly designated meetings with proper notice of the meetings provided
  • To question and review the curriculum taught in your child’s school by questioning local school boards and school administrators
  • To expect that the academic curriculum taught in your child’s school aligns with Indiana and federal law
  • To participate in the selection and approval of academic standards for the State of Indiana
  • To obtain educational materials and curriculum taught to your child in the classroom
  • To run as a candidate for your local school board

“As I’ve traveled throughout the state of Indiana, I’ve heard firsthand the concerns of parents who are deeply troubled by ideologies being imposed in their children’s school curriculum,” Rokita said. “The first line of defense to hold school districts accountable lies with active and engaged parents. The Indiana Attorney General’s Office will stand in their corner every step of the way as they exercise their individual liberties in the interest of our children.”

Rokita said this publication is the first in a series of forthcoming installments regarding parents’ role in their children’s education, including medical rights, religious rights and school choice rights.

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