LAGRANGE, Ind. (WANE) — With colder weather comes animals and critters trying to find warm shelter within homes, and two common bugs that attempt to do so are ladybugs and stinkbugs, according to a Purdue University official.

Jeff Burbrink, an educator at Purdue University Extension – LaGrange County, offered tips for homeowners who want to defend their homes against the two bugs now that fall is here.

Burbrink said ladybugs and stinkbugs often find cracks and openings in walls, attics and garages that allow them to sneak into homes.

Although neither bug carry diseases that affect people, they can cause bad odors, Burbrink said.

“Ladybugs can also deliver a painful little bite, which is uncomfortable but short-lived,” Burbrink said.

Burbrink said ways to keep bugs and insects from entering homes include plugging holes with caulk, repairing bug screens, replacing worn weather stripping and using insecticides.

“The key to control is to apply the insecticide barrier to the outside of the home in October before the critters begin to congregate and before they enter the home,” Burbrink said.

Even though homeowners will likely stop seeing ladybugs and stinkbugs by late November, both bugs will return in March, Burbrink said.