Purdue hoops star Haas accused of spreading STDs in lawsuit

Isaac Haas

Purdue University senior basketball star Isaac Haas has been accused in a civil lawsuit of engaging in a sexual relationship with another student and knowingly providing a false claim that he was free of sexually transmitted diseases.

According to court documents, a woman said she and Haas entered into a sexual relationship in May and that Haas explicitly assured her that he had been tested for STDs. The documents also state that Haas told the woman he had previously contacted chlamydia, received treatment and, at the time of their relationship, was free of an STD or condition.

Shortly after beginning their relationship, documents state the woman discovered that she had been infected with a STD and informed Haas, who acknowledged his experience with chlamydia.

In the documents, text messages between Haas and the woman indicate Haas acknowledged that he should have taken precautions to prevent spreading an STD. He placed blame on the Purdue University Student Health Center (PUSH) for falsely telling him he was “clean.”

Documents also state that the woman received messages from another person, who claimed Haas had infected a number of other people prior to his relationship with the woman, thus confirming Haas knew of his condition.

In the documents, the woman also alleges that PUSH medical providers and members of the Purdue athletic department provided Haas with “off the books” medical services to keep his medical treatment unrecorded.

The woman is seeking damages of $1 million.

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