(WANE) – Purdue University is taking steps to block access to TikTok on campus networks, following a number of lawmakers doing the same based on security concerns.

The university shared a statement Wednesday, saying the social media platform is in the process of being blocked across Purdue networks. This move does not cover non-Purdue cellular, home or public Wi-Fi, the university said.

Purdue Fort Wayne is working to implement this directive, said Geoff Thomas, Senior Director of Media Relations at PFW, in an email to WANE 15.

Here’s the full statement:

As a next step to address concerns about cybersecurity risks to user data privacy, algorithmic censorship of free speech, and threats to national security—all as recognized by the U.S. federal government—Purdue has begun blocking access to TikTok.com and the usage of the TikTok mobile app across Purdue networks. This step is based on TikTok’s overly invasive privacy and use agreements that allow for significant access to phone data (such as keystrokes, geolocation and contacts) and the need, based on a Purdue IT security audit, to provide further protection for Purdue University systems. This move does not cover non-Purdue cellular, home or public Wi-Fi.

Trevor Peters, Senior Communication Specialist for Purdue University