INDIANAPOLIS — On Saturday, protestors rallied behind the families of three men who were killed by IMPD officers in separate incidents. They gathered at the scene of one shooting demanding accountability.

This came just one day after officers shot another man on the northeast side.

On Oct. 26, IMPD officers shot and killed 37-year-old Frederick Davis after a struggle at a Burger King. That was the 10th shooting involving an officer since Aug. 1, but it hasn’t been the last.

“My nephew, to me, was murdered unjustly, and I’m not going away,” said Sharon Cannon, Davis’ aunt. “I’ll be at every rally. Wherever I can be at, I’m going to be there because I’m his voice.”

IMPD’s news release from that night describes a fight that broke out as officers tried to arrest Davis. IMPD said Davis grabbed an officer’s gun, said “you’re going to die,” and shot the officer in the leg. The officer then shot Davis with his secondary service weapon.

“Justice looks like us seeing the body cam,” Cannon said. “Justice looks like seeing the footage from these other businesses around here. That’s what justice looks like.”

Cannon said her nephew suffered from a mental illness.

“If we would’ve had somebody out here that day that was trained to deal with mentally ill patients, we might be writing a different script right now,” Cannon said.

Davis’ story was one of several remembered during the protest. Gary Harrell’s name appeared on on many signs. Harrell died in August after being shot in the back while running from police.

“We have our microphone, we have our placards,” organizer Stephen Lane said at the protest. “We really just want to give a voice to the voiceless.”

Organizers of the protest said the family of Herman Whitfield III is also calling for change. Two IMPD officers were charged with involuntary manslaughter after Whitfield died while having a mental health crisis last year. In body camera footage, he can be heard saying “I can’t breathe” as officers handcuffed him on the ground.

“A lot of people here are sick and tired of what’s happening with our public safety system,” Lane said.

Protestors are asking IMPD to release unedited body camera footage from the night Davis was killed. Those at the event also demanded elected officials take action to prevent more deaths involving police.

A separate shooting incident Friday morning marked the 15th shooting involving an IMPD officer this year.