INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WANE) — As the Indiana General Assembly gathered for its special session on Monday, all eyes are on the statehouse because of a potential abortion ban coming to Indiana.

Hundreds of people who are pro-choice, including a group from Fort Wayne, went to the statehouse to make sure lawmakers know they’re against any kind of ban.

WUFPAC, or Women United For Progress Allen County, brought a bus of 46 women down I-69 to be a part of the “Bans Off Indiana” Rally.

“We believe that there should be no legislation on anyone’s bodies,” WUFPAC director Kimberly Michaelson said. “It’s as simple as that. We deserve and we need to have full bodily autonomy where we get to say and do with our bodies what we want, and we get to decide. Trust us. Trust women.”

The group was in awe of how many others were at the statehouse opposing a ban. At times, the lines to get into the statehouse ran from the east and west entrances all the way down to, and wrapped around, Washington Street.

While there were some who are pro-life holding signs and engaging with the pro-choice rally-goers, a large pro-life rally is set for Tuesday at the statehouse.

That gathering is called the “Love Them Both Rally.”

It’s organized by Right to Life of Indiana, and, once again, a group from Fort Wayne will be making the trip when the northeast Indiana chapter of Right to Life hops on a bus to come to Indianapolis.

The organization supports lawmakers pushing a ban, but has publicly come out against the proposed exceptions republicans unveiled.

Right to Life of Northeast Indiana’s Education Coordinator, Abigail Lorenzen, told WANE 15 that they’d also like to see lawmakers push for ways to enforce a potential ban, including punishment for doctors who perform abortions.

“Our legislators in northeast Indiana are with us. They stand with us season after season, and so we want to support them and say ‘look, we’re behind you. This is the right thing to do. Go ahead and do it,’ because this is what they had their sights set on in the first place, is an abortion ban that has penalties for people who are praying on women in crisis,” Lorenzen said. “In America we’re innovative people. We find solutions for things. We don’t look at a crisis and say ‘well, I guess the only solution is to kill one of the people in it.’ That’s not who America is. Look at all the things we’ve invented. We can find a solution for this too.”

WANE 15 will be at Tuesday’s “Love Them Both Rally.”