NASHVILLE, Ind. (WANE) – Indiana state police have conducted an investigation into an officer-involved shooting that happened in Nashville, Indiana on April 20th, according to a press release from the Brown County Prosecutors Office.

According to the release, officers responded to a call about a suicidal man at a home on Mount Liberty Road. Police haven’t released the identity of the man. The first deputy arrived at the scene at around 8:30pm. The deputy first spoke with the mans wife, then went into the backyard of the house to speak with the suicidal man. The man had a holstered revolver in plain view.

The mans daughter arrived at around the same time as the deputy and pleaded with her father to let her walk up to him and give him a hug. When the man’s wife tried to approach him, he pulled the revolver out of the holster. The deputy then pulled out his gun and commanded the man to drop his weapon. The man then pointed his revolver at the deputy, hitting the deputy’s hand and gun in the process.

Police say the man then pointed the gun at his own head and asked the deputy to shoot him. It was when the man shoved his wife out of the way, waved the gun around, and pointed it at the deputy another time that the deputy fired 3 shots, 2 of which hit the man.

The man was brought to a hospital to be treated for his wounds and survived. His revolver was found to be unloaded. The deputy’s bodycam recorded the entire incident for review.

Indiana state police say they fully investigated the incident. The incident was also submitted to the Brown County Prosecutor’s Office for review. They found the deputy’s actions during the incident completely lawful as he had a reasonable fear for his life and the lives of others at the scene.

The Brown County Prosecutor’s Office say they believe the man’s intentions were to commit suicide by cop. They intend to file criminal charges against the man. The bodycam footage will be released to the public after the case is resolved.