BARTHOLOMEW COUNTY, Ind. — Boxes filled with Narcan are being installed on buildings in Bartholomew County. The latest one is attached to a brick pillar outside the library.

“We connect people with resources no matter what those are, whether that’s books or digital resources. This is just another resource they can utilize as they are out and about in the community,” said Jason Hatton, director of the Bartholomew County library.

The NaloxBox is filled with doses of Narcan. The box is unlocked. The doses are free. It’s available to anyone 24/7.

“We want people to be able to take that with them, be able to use it where they need,” said Hatton.

Just last week, Bartholomew County authorities put out a warning to the community after seeing a spike in overdose deaths. There have been 13 overdoses so far this year, nearly all of them happening in the past two months.

“It’s not a Bartholomew county problem. It’s not an Indiana problem, I think it’s a united states problem,” said Hatton.

In each kit, there are several doses of the drug overdose reversal medication. The directions are on each box. The Alliance for Substance Abuse Programs (ASAP) and Overdose Lifelife teamed up to distribute the boxes to the community.

“It’s about saving a life. It’s not about judging people about why they’re using substances. It’s about saving a life,” said Doug Leonard, executive director of the Bartholomew County library.

Brandon Raines started using when he was 13 years old. Heroin was his drug of choice. Brandon’s recovery and life are proof that Narcan works.

“It saved me twice and it was due to the fact that the people I was around, hanging out with actually hand it on hand,” said Raines.

So far, there are two NaloxBoxes in Bartholomew County. One is at the ASAP hub on 13th Street, the other is at the Bartholomew County library. Volunteers refill them when needed. The hope is to install more boxes in spots that have a lot of activity.

“I think we need to start to recognize it is a problem and admit it is a problem. Then we can start dealing with it and addressing it,” said Hatton.

Now recovering, Raines has been clean for two months. He’s dedicated to helping others and showing them that people do care.

“If it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t be standing here talking to you right now,” said Raines.

There’s also a NaloxBox in Hancock County at The Landing Place at 18 W. South Street in Greenfield. More than half of the doses in the box outside The Landing Place were gone within a week.

If you need help or know someone who is struggling with addiction you can call ASAP at 812.418.8705. Centerstore Addiction Services can be reached at 800.832.5442.