INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WANE) Several new property related rule changes dealing with hunting and magnet fishing on Indiana Department of Natural Resources properties went into effect last month.

The following rule changes became effective on July 20:

  • Stands or blinds (including portable ground blinds) are allowed to be left overnight on DNR properties if the blind or stand is legibly marked with the name, address and phone number of the owner or the owner’s customer identification number issued by the DNR. Please note that it is illegal to erect or hunt from a permanent tree blind on state-owned or state-leased lands. Portable tree stands may be used on state-owned or state-leased lands, and they may be left overnight only from noon Sept. 15 through Jan. 10. Please note that fasteners that penetrate a tree more than 1/2 inch are also prohibited on these lands.
  • Trail/game cameras can be placed on properties managed by the Division of Fish & Wildlife, as well as on state forests, and state recreation areas as long as the camera is legibly marked with the owner’s name, address, and phone number or customer identification number issued by DNR. Placement of the camera must not damage a tree.
  • The placing of bait for wildlife is prohibited on any DNR property. Exceptions are granted for bait or food placed for wildlife management as authorized by DNR, the result of authorized agricultural operations on the property (like tenant farming), or a birdfeeder placed by a DNR employee. The definition of bait includes (1) a food that is transported to and placed for consumption, including but not limited to piles of corn and apples placed on the property; (2) prepared solids or liquids manufactured and intended for consumption by livestock, wild deer or birds including, but not limited to commercial baits and food supplements; (3) salt; and (4) mineral supplements. 
  • The collection of shed antlers without a permit is allowed, except on dedicated Nature Preserves
  • Via a permit, magnet fishing is allowed on public waters on DNR properties as long as the magnet can be carried and retrieved by hand. Individuals will need to contact the respective property office to get a permit for magnet fishing on a DNR property.