(WANE) — After initially rolling out an updated rewards program to certain Michigan customers in January, Meijer’s revamped mPerks program has now made its way to Indiana Tuesday.

According to Meijer, the updated mPerks program will allow for more personalized rewards and savings.

With the changes, mPerks will now offer revised benefits:

– Purchases now earn points

– Each qualifying prescription filled now earns points instead of every five prescriptions filled

– Points expire after 90 days instead of 45 days

– Customers can choose when and how they want to redeem points for additional savings

“Meijer is committed to providing value and convenience for our customers, and the changes we’ve made to mPerks expands on both by offering more personalized savings along with more opportunities to earn points,” said Derek Steele, vice president of Customer Strategy.

The updated program initially launched for southeast Michigan customers Jan. 16.