INDIANAPOLIS (WISH)- Confusion remains about the legality of CBD oil in Indiana. Tuesday, we told you the state attorney general declared the marijuana extract illegal.

Now, many are left wondering, what now?

State Rep. Jim Lucas (R)-District 69, said “We have a substance in CBD oil that we know is considerably less toxic to their bodies, significantly less side-effects, and it works.”

State Representative Jim Lucas is fine-tuning legislation right now that would formally legalize cannabidiol, or CBD oil in Indiana. He wants to use best-practices from nearby states that allow medical cannabis. It’ll be part of his medical cannabis bill.

Rep. Jim Lucas explained “The proof is irrefutable. I’ve seen too much scientific evidence. I’ve toured the facilities in our neighboring state of Illinois. The state-approved cultivation labs. The state-approved dispensaries.”

Tuesday, Indiana’s Attorney General, Curtis Hill, decided the oil is illegal, with some rare exceptions, like people living with treatment-resistant epilepsy.

His clarification comes after confusion over House Bill 1148.

Indiana Attorney General, Curtis Hill explained “1148 does not provide a blanket immunity for anyone possessing CBD oil. Not at all, by any stretch.”

Lucas said he respects Hill and his opinion, but disagrees.

Rep. Lucas said “We wrote the law, and my intent on the law was to make a substance that had less than 3/10th’s percent THC available to the public.”

The Association of Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys said it opposes marijuana in any form, including CBD oil.

“”Indiana Prosecutors take very seriously the importance and weight of legal advisory opinions from the Indiana Attorney General. Yesterday’s opinion on CBD oil in Indiana is under review and after analysis, the Association may have more to say at some future time.” A spokesperson said Wednesday.

Lucas points right back to the people of Indiana.

“This is something that not only save lives and provide a better quality of life to thousands if not millions of Hoosiers,” Lucas explained. “But we can create jobs, and a whole new economy in Indiana.”

Lucas said his bill would also legalize other forms of medical cannabis including edibles, vaporizers, and balms. Lucas also said he plans on introducing that bill when the session starts in early January.