BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (WANE) – Indiana University (IU) has responded to Attorney General Todd Rokita’s official public opinion regarding the legality of IU’s COVID-19 vaccination policy.

On Wednesday, Attorney General Rokita issued a statement saying that “Indiana University’s policy clearly runs afoul of state law—and the fundamental liberties and freedoms this legislation was designed to protect.”

On Thursday, IU issued the following statement:

“Indiana University is requiring the COVID-19 vaccine because it’s the only way the university can confidently return to the experiences and traditions our students, faculty and staff have told us are important to them: in-person classes, more in-person events and a more typical university experience.

In yesterday’s opinion, the attorney general affirmed that it is legal for us to require a vaccine, including one under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). His opinion questioned specifically the manner in which we gathered proof of vaccination.  Although we disagree with that portion of his opinion, we will further consider our process for verifying the requirement.

The science is clear that we need a higher rate of immunity within our IU community. With the new requirement, most restrictions on masking and physical distancing this fall, as outlined in the fall health and safety guidelines announced this week, can be lifted. Requiring the vaccine is the best and fastest way to make sure that happens. “

Chuck Carney, Indiana University director of media relations, spokesperson