INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WTTV) – Just after 10:00 p.m. Saturday, IMPD was dispatched to the 3300 block of Rue Chanel for a domestic violence call.

Upon arrival, officers found an adult female and two children being held hostage by an adult male.

Dominic Smith’s mugshot

Officers asked both of the kids to come out of the home, however they would not leave. Officers tried to get the adult male, identified as 25-year-old Dominic Smith, to come out, but he refused.

He also would not allow the kids and mother to leave which turned this situation into a hostage situation. Police were talking to the family through the door. Neighbors told police they believe they heard gunshots.

Eventually, one child was brought out of the house and the mother walked out willingly.

IMPD SWAT came up with a strategy with the mother to separate her and the kids from Smith. Police used non-lethal rounds to break the front window, detain Smith, and remove the mother and children.

Smith, who was previously released from jail on domestic battery, has now been taken back into custody.