Indiana trooper stops 105 mph truck, gives lifesaving aid

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A state trooper who stopped a truck going 105 mph (169 kph) in central Indiana is credited with giving lifesaving first aid to the passenger, who was bleeding from a gash in his neck.

State police say Trooper Ron Huff was driving last Thursday in Madison County when the truck sped past.

Huff stopped the truck and the driver ran to him, yelling that his friend was dying. Huff found a man in his 20s holding a towel to his neck to cover the 4-inch (10.2-centimeter) gash. Huff used gauze treated with a clotting agent and direct pressure to stop the bleeding before an ambulance arrived.

The man had been helping renovate an unoccupied school when a wall mirror broke, cutting his neck. He was released from a hospital Friday.

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