INDIANAPOLIS – Starting this summer, Indiana will lift its ban on throwing stars.

Under Senate Enrolled Act 77, Indiana will regulate throwing stars the same way as any other knife-like weapon, which includes a ban on school property.

Some business owners in Indiana say they’re planning to take advantage of the change in state law.

“We get people coming in every single day and asking us about it,” said Ryan Gustin, the owner of Flying Squirrel Axe Throwing in Speedway.

Gustin said he is planning to start a throwing star league after Indiana lifts its ban. The activity is offered at axe-throwing businesses in other states.

To help protect his customers, Gustin said, he plans to dull the edges of the stars’ blades.

“We’ll train you how to do it,” he said. “We’ll teach you how to do this safely.”

When the legislation was first proposed this session, it limited them only to recreational businesses. But House lawmakers broadened the bill before it was signed into law, allowing them in almost any environment.

State Sen. Linda Rogers (R-Granger), who pushed for the legislation, said she approves of the final version.

“No matter what type of recreational activity, you want to make sure that there’s safety precautions in place, and I know these businesses will certainly make sure that that’s the case,” Rogers said.

“I really kind of want to grow the sport and kind of deeply root it here in Indianapolis and grow our leagues and help grow axe-throwing leagues at other venues here in Indiana,” Gustin said.

The new law takes effect July 1.